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Built by Businesses - Designed for the Community

Hudson Has It is the most anticipated online marketing venue available within the St. Croix Valley region. It is the most visited community and lifestyle website around. It has reached thousands of local and visiting clientele, all of whom that are looking for places to go and things to do.

What's available on Hudson Has It?

Local Events Calendar

  • Businesses - Grand Openings, Business Spotlight, Girls Night Out 

  • Chamber - Spring Showcase, Art Fair, Music in the Park

  • City - Announcements, Clean-up Days 

  • Boosters - Parades, Clinics, Festivals 

  • Schools - Meetings, Announcements, PTA 

  • Civic Organizations - Fundraising Events, Announcements 

  • Churches - Gala, Fundraisers, Announcements, Services


Mobile App Featuring

  • Coupons

  • Events

  • Happy Hours

  • Live Music

  • Lodging

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping


Interactive Business Directory


Put your business on the map with our exclusive interactive directory map.


Our map is fully interactive with:

  • Zoom capablities

  • Pop-ups displaying business information

  • Highlight features to select specific business types

  • Street names and addresses

  • Longitude and latitude coordinates


Monthly Newsletter Featuring

  • Upcoming events

  • Hot deals from our members

  • Advertising

  • Special announcements

Benefits For Businesses

Why the Hudson Has It?


Target Audience

  • The majority of visitors drawn to the website will be focused on what is happening in the community.

  • Complete up-to-date information will keep visitors on the site, which will increase additional opportunities for the local business area.



  • Hudson Has It is reaching thousands of visitors to provide maximum exposure to our members and advertisers.

  • The site will be at the top of search engines for customers that are actively typing in keywords and phrases related to specific activities & events in our area.

  • Our goal is to have the majority of our visitor base intuitively search inside Hudson Has It, bypassing the commonly used search engines, ultimately ending up on the fast track to finding local businesses.


Advertising Promotion

  • Get Listed – Business listings range from locksmith’s, hotels, dentists, retail, insurance agencies and everything in between!

  • Display Ad – Grab attention and gain some additional traffic by purchasing online display advertising on Hudson Has It’s home page or on one of the niche high traffic pages – Cheap!

  • Events – Have an upcoming event? Highlight it on the home page Event Slider for FREE!

  • Coupons - Announce your specials, sales, and coupon offers free of charge when you become a member of Hudson Has It.

  • Broadcast - Update the community on news about your company through your business’s site on Hudson Has It.

  • eNewsletter - Monthly Event driven newsletter

  • Contests - Local venues, local business, local fun!

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Ready to put your business on Hudson Has It?


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